During a joint vocal jazz project, Susanna and Anne-Katrin realized that they both loved Disneymovies with their incredibly rich soundtracks and that they both enjoyed singing with and for kids. The idea for Jazz4kidz was born and quickly a swinging repertoire of Disney songs was created by the singers comprising solo tunes, harmonizing duets and medleys from the best loved movies. Renowned Berlin jazz club Schlot with its child friendly atmosphere offered to host the young project which managed to attract some of the most outstanding musicians of the vibrant Berlin jazz scene: Doron Segal (piano), Carmelo Leotta (double bass), Mike Segal (alto sax) and Kenny Martin (drums).




In perfect harmony Susanna and Anne-Katrin interpret a varied program comprised of solo tunes, duets and medleys of all the jazziest tunes from the best loved Disney movies, from Snow White (1937) and its famous « Some Day My Prince Will Come » to the Aristocats with its cat jazz band led by a Louis Armstrong-like caracter, or the Jungle Book where Baloo the bear scats and swings and the king of the apes is sung and played by Louis Prima, and all the way to the Princess and the Frog from 2009 that is set in New Orleans with an all jazz soundtrack and more recent hits from Frozen or Moana and many more.






All the children and youngsters in the audience know those songs and movies well and like to participate and sing along, requesting their favorites and enjoying a moment on stage with the band and singers. All of  the tunes are playfully introduced and their special historical or musical merits explained. Many of those timeless songs are Academy Award and Grammy winners and have become real jazz standards after being interpreted by some of the greatest Jazz musicians like Dave Brubeck, Louis Armstrong, Bill Evans, Chat Baker or Oscar Petersen.




The aim of our program is to help kids (and their parents) overcome the notion that jazz is a complicated and elitist music. Our lively, fun and high end live show contains many elements that help them to understand and enjoy the genre. The wonderful melodies are played in different styles (ballad, blues, bossa, swing, gypsy…), the little guests get to know the instruments and rhythms and are encouraged to participate, applaud a solo, snap their fingers or sing along.